1ª temporada2ª temporadaAdelaide
BetoBitch, You Ain't ShitBitch You Ain't Sh*t
Brittany MonacoCaioCenteio
Concorrente empregoDamiãoDate Night
DesaparecidaDisk DunyDona-Eveley
Dona HahiroDona de hotelDoriel
GilbertGirl PowerGirls In The House: Los Angeles
Girls In The House: O FilmeGirls In The House (série)Girls In The House Wiki
HildaHomem do Óculos RosaHoney
I Speak BitchIngridIrene
James RobertoJeannaJosh Henderson
JulieLanaLana Del Rey
Laurinha (que bateu na filha)LeonardoLife With Shania
MatildeMirandaMãe da Tia Ruiva
Música tocada no episódio 2.01Música tocada no episódio 2.03Nanete
NildeObjetosOne That Got Away
Pai do LeonardoPersonagensPersonagens Principais
Personagens SecundáriosPeterPriscilão
RameleRaony PhillipsRinelle
Strange EventsSuper BotoxTale of a Handsome Neighbor
The House GirlsTia RuivaTodd
Young Generation
File:10953272 1619852161564849 8000839886798576351 n.jpgFile:10957684 1565231887026877 6965720887782032022 n.pngFile:11146555 1591086691108063 6338571091287373917 n.png
File:11165274 1610072722542793 3303009789415325977 n.jpgFile:11742779 1621939624689436 7348722746471861361 n.pngFile:13.png
File:138.pngFile:13874995 912877908818745 475499508 n.jpgFile:14233143 1748881132043622 8044123814263855965 n.jpg
File:1526774 500196073456380 3220594769826508914 n.pngFile:165.pngFile:241.png
File:Adelaide.jpgFile:Ailton full - Copy.pngFile:Alex.png
File:Alex 2temp.jpgFile:Alex Goes Out.pngFile:Alex antigamente 2.png
File:Alex githh.pngFile:Alex nova.jpgFile:Alfajor.png
File:Apresentadora.pngFile:Assaltante.pngFile:Assaltante 2.png
File:Brady.jpgFile:Brenda - Copy.pngFile:Brenda loka.png
File:Brett.jpgFile:Brett 2temp.jpgFile:Britney.png
File:Cassie.pngFile:Cena ep 5.pngFile:Cena ep 8.png
File:Chantagem.pngFile:Chefe emo gótica.pngFile:Co8UE3MW8AARGil.jpg
File:Concorrente full - Copy.pngFile:CqAkuQiXgAAmbs9.jpgFile:CrPSGZVs.jpg
File:Damião.pngFile:Daniel.pngFile:Dançarino de boate.png
File:Date Night.pngFile:Desaparecida.pngFile:Desconhecido.jpg
File:Deserto.pngFile:Dona Hahiro.pngFile:Dona Mirtes.png
File:Download (1).jpgFile:Duny.pngFile:Duny2.png
File:Duny3.pngFile:Duny 2009.pngFile:Duny 2temp.jpg
File:Duny full.pngFile:Duny nova.jpgFile:Duny ramele.png
File:Ediane full.pngFile:Ele.pngFile:Elsa.png
File:Ep 1.pngFile:Ep 2.pngFile:Ep 3.png
File:Ep 4.pngFile:Ep 5.pngFile:Ep 6.png
File:Ep 7.pngFile:Ep 8.pngFile:Episódio 1.01 - Date Night
File:Episódio 1.02 - Strange EventsFile:Episódio 1.03 - Young GenerationFile:Episódio 1.04 - Back Off, Couple Stuff
File:Episódio 1.05 - Santa Doesn't Give a FFile:Ernesto.jpgFile:Estudio do American Idol.png
File:Favicon.icoFile:FeatherDuster.pngFile:Fundo azul.png
File:Fundo azul - Copy.pngFile:GIHT.pngFile:GITH(Capa).png
File:GITH-LA (Capa).pngFile:GITH.pngFile:GITH11.png
File:Gilbert.pngFile:Gina full - Copy.pngFile:Girl Power.jpg
File:Girls In The Haunted HouseFile:Girls In The House - Desgraçada da EscuridãoFile:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.06 - Revenge Play
File:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.06 - Revenge Play-0File:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.06 - Revenge Play-1File:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.07 - Welcome Back, and Baby
File:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.07 - Welcome Back, and Baby-0File:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.08 - OMGFile:Girls In The House - Episódio 1.08 - OMG-0
File:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.01 - April FoolsFile:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.01 - April Fools-0File:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.01 - April Fools-1
File:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.02 - Holy ThieveryFile:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.02 - Holy Thievery-0File:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.03 - Alex Goes Out
File:Girls In The House - Episódio 2.03 - Alex Goes Out-0File:Girls In The House - Fakesódio de 1 de AbrilFile:Girls In The House - Vira Essa Cara Agora
File:Gith8.pngFile:Githuhup.pngFile:Handsome Neighbour.png
File:Hilda full - Copy.pngFile:Honey.pngFile:Honey 2009.png
File:Honey 2temp.jpgFile:Honey e Daniel.jpgFile:Honey e Duny.png
File:Honey nova.jpgFile:Honeymodelo1.jpgFile:Honeymodelo3.png
File:I Speak Bitch.pngFile:I speak bitch.pngFile:Ingrid-0.png
File:Ingrid.pngFile:Ingrid 2temp.jpgFile:Ingrid anuncio.png
File:Irene profile.pngFile:James profile.pngFile:Jason full.png
File:Julie 1temp.pngFile:Julie 2009.pngFile:Julie 2temp.jpg
File:Lana 2temp.jpgFile:Lana Del Rey - Copy.pngFile:Leonardo - Copy.png
File:Matilde - Copy (2).pngFile:Matilde profile.pngFile:Miranda.png
File:Mãe da Barbara.pngFile:Nanete full - Copy.pngFile:Natalie.png
File:Nelson.jpgFile:Pagador.pngFile:Pai do Leonardo.png
File:Participante - Copy.pngFile:Pensão.pngFile:Peter.jpg
File:Plateia - Copy.pngFile:Podrão.pngFile:Priscilao.jpg
File:Priscilao3temp.pngFile:Ramélia - Copy.pngFile:Rinelle.png
File:Rok Rok full - Copy.pngFile:SBCapa.pngFile:Scandal.png
File:Screenshot 80.pngFile:Screenshot 81.pngFile:Secretaria full 2 - Copy.png
File:Senhor Almir.pngFile:Shanaia.jpgFile:Shanaia e Duny.png
File:Shanaia olhando.pngFile:Shanaia profile.pngFile:Shenanigan full - Copy.png
File:Shorts 1.pngFile:Shorts 2.pngFile:Simon.png
File:Strange Events.pngFile:Super botox.pngFile:Super botox full - Copy.png
File:Tia ruiva 2 - Copy.pngFile:Tod full - Copy.pngFile:Todd 2temp.jpg
File:Todd novo.jpgFile:Velha full - Copy.pngFile:Vestido priscilao.png

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